Picture Acknowledgements

Nobody enjoys opening a blog post and being faced with a massive wall of text.

  • Paragraphs that run on forever.
  • No bullet point lists!

Pictures are a great addition to a blog post. They can be used to illustrate a particular point or to provide the reader with a pleasant break from reading.

Sometimes the blogger will have an image of their own to use (like the main picture above which is one taken by my wife). Other times, they will use an image that has been provided for use by a third party.

These images are found on sites like Pixabay. You should always check the license information for these images but they are typically provided under a licence that states:

  • Free for commercial use
  • No attribution required

How incredibly generous!

Whilst attribution is not required I feel that it would be nice to acknowledge the work of these individuals. Therefore, for any images that are not my own, and are used on this site, I’ll include links below:

Retiring Richie